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Petitioning Companies opening on Thanksgiving for sales, such as Walmart.

Leave black Friday on Friday. Stop creeping into Thanksgiving.

It is a sad time in our society when businesses have NO honor left. They are so concerned about earning a profit that they are taking time away from families. Many people have to travel long distances to see family for the holiday. This will no longer be something they can do if they have to work Thanksgiving to supplement the greed of their company. In a large way Walmart is responsible for starting the trend, but shame on the other companies for following suite. If we don't let them know where we stand, then they will continue to push the line furthe into thanksgiving, until an entire day meant to be spent in thanks is swallowed up in shameful greed. People still have the real power to hear their voices heard. Please help us in keeping Thanksgiving a day of family and thanks.

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  • Companies opening on Thanksgiving for sales, such as Walmart.

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