Clean Up Condado Parks and Green Spaces

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In front of the Wave Hotel & Resort is a green space seen by thousands of people every day. Weeds and overgrowth combined with vandalism of the statues and trash, make this green space an embarrassment. 

The Condado Lagoon National Park has an entrance only a few yards away from the COUNTY TOURISM & TECHNOLOGY CENTER / BIKE RENT PUERTO RICO, my store.   

Let's join together and clean and maintain these spaces in our beautiful Condado.

Important Condado National Park spaces and highly-visible green spaces are in disrepair and are not maintained. I and other local business owners and stakeholders will help if they are provided an opportunity and a path. We can raise volunteers and funds too!

This is also a safety issue as unclean space are a refuge for animal-related disease (rats) and attractive to people that dump trash and construction waste illegally. Furthermore, this is not the visual we stakeholders need visitors to see. 

Together we can do this!