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My name is Robin Spencer and here is my year with my fur babies, back in August my 5 year old Germen Shepherd Loki had injured his private parts with his wife Ava he was in despite need of a surgery that would cost 8,500 or he would die. he means the world to me and my family in a attempt to save his life we started a go fund me where we raised 3,600$ from people as far as Poland and we did a local bottle drive where we raised 200 with the bottle & can company in Green Island NY big thank you. Loki was saved and was on a long road to recovery. in the mean time Ave was pregnant from the incident. and grace us with 6 puppies. born October 4, Loki is a vary special boy and has a special family tree. so we decided to keep one male air from the minute they were born we fell in love with a all black boy that we call big blue, as he grew he became more and more special to us and our kids. and watching him play with is mom and dad was the best. on December 10 age 9.5 weeks we noticed big blue was losing weight rapidly on the 11 he was vary tired and had gotten sick twice. so i left work and rushed home and brought him to Nassau vet clinic on rt 20 being it was a mile from our house. the appt was at 2pm i got there about 1:30 pm when I signed him in told them he was born October 4. i was brought to room 4. they wanted to do a parvo test even thou i said he had is 8 week shots and dewormer. they said he could still have it because he had not had all his shots. after physical examination big blue started to whine more and looked vary distressed so they recommend x-rays and gave him some pain meds the x-ray showed a odd gas bubble as they described it. and perform a physical exam of the belly at this point big blue was scream crying and vomiting constantly. at this point i am vary up set and have been crying. they diagnosed him with have Intussusception said it could be caused by worms. and said he needs surgery immediately or he would die . they gave a verbal estimate of 1600 to 1800$ but said they had to right it up . i have been there for hours at this point they wanted to start right away the written estimate was 1800 to 2200$ they said i could do payments i sign for them to do the surgery . stepped out to call my wife and i came back in to fill the payment paper work out they said i could do 200 down and 20 a week but the bill was now 2200 to 3000 dollars and they could not explain why it went up but that he needs more care. i signed that as well as i was vary upset and under duress and said i cant afford 3000$ and now there asking for 600 down payment .and they are telling me he wont be worth anything to sell.i said im keeping him. i became vary upset because now i cant afford to give big blue the help he needs . and i couldn't bear the idea of putting him down. i asked about a rescue if i surrendered him said id even give his akc papers if it helps . they made some phone calls and acted vary frantic saying he needed the surgery now. after no aval .i had to make a choice do it or don't, they said lets keep him over night we wont charge you anymore today we are at 600$ and see if he makes it and give more time for a rescue to get back to us. i said ok they said let us right it up. so i waited for about 2 hours during this time they were telling me he'd probably die in the middle of the night and no one would be there to save him. they are not there overnight and if he made it. half of his intestines would be dead and I've still been crying this whole time and now vomiting from being so upset. and they are telling me i need to take better care of my puppies if i am breeding them and they need there shots i told them they are up to date. i looked at the paper and it all made sense they had him down for 17 weeks old so i explained again that he is 9 weeks and utd on shots. so now 2 hours of being told he's going to die and i am a bad pet owner. they come to me as say ok a rescue will cover the surgery, you'll have to pay some of today's cost i said ok how much she said let me find out and came back 2 minutes later and said they never do this but they are going to cover everything you wont have to pay anything. so i said thank you i signed over big blue to save his life and they asked about the akc papers so i went and got them from the car and signed those over as well. i wasn't given any paperwork and was told to call jan tomorrow at 1 to see if he made it though the night and surgery .i left at 7:30pm i went home and was vary upset but thought i did what was best for big blue but wasn't happy with how i was treated. the next day 12/12/17 i called and asked if he made it. i was told he's fine and didn't need the surgery he was on medicine to pass a object. i felt vary happy and relieved. i said ok so that's a different story so can i pay the bill and pick him up? she said shed find out and call me back when Pam did she said no i don't own the dog anymore the doctor does . i started to get vary upset and said i how does the doctor own him. and she stumbled for words say well capp owned him. i was told fluoresce Sanford would call me back she is the office manager and the person i had dealt mostly with the day before. she said i didn't own the dog once i signed the sheet i said i sign under false pretense that he needed a 3000$ surgery that he obviously didn't need. and i was under extreme duress and i signed everything the 1800$ estimate and the 3000$ estimate. i explained you still have custody of the big blue and the paper work. she said he is property and i don't own him because i signed. well to me he is my grandson not property and Nassau vet motto is Pet owners consider their pets to be members of the family. We agree!. well they are calling him there property. i told them i was calling my attorney. Florence later spoke to a family friend who is a paralegal and she told him the bill as of then was 800, this that is all that was needed i never would have signed him over. i tried to contact capp capital area placement program who has appeared on Steve Caporizzo pet connection. i called the number and left a message to see if i could explain the situation . on Wednesday 12/13/17 i filed a police report on Nassau vet with the state troopers for fraud and grand larceny. not knowing it is extortion also. after i finished i faxed capp to try to reach them and i messaged them on face book where they read but did not respond. i told them i called the police on Nassau vet and had gotten a lawyer. little later i had received the owner of capps name Gayle Blakesley and phone number so i texted who i was and asked to speak with her and offered to come talk to her. still no response so i called and left a message and she texted only wanting to speak to my lawyer. i gave contact info for my lawyer and paralegal friend and waited. when the police went to Nassau vet they had gotten rid of the 1800$ estimate, the police said they don't think anything illegal was done. and dropped the investigation. the new your state police have now somehow lost the report. big blue was turned over to capp after the police was there. i have called several local vets to get a quote for the surgery that he did not need the average price on goggle was 1600$ i got written and verbal that ranged 1200 to 2200$ not 3000$ . Nassau vet changed there price forcing me into this decision and trying to extort money from me leading/forcing me to sign him over under fraudulent terms under extreme duress for the hours i was there hearing my puppy scream and vomit being told he was going to die and i was a bad owner. all because they didn't have there info right. 2 weeks have gone buy and i have been told buy my lawyer that Nassau vet is going to sue me for slander from my face book posts, and Capp said there neighbor is a state trooper and don't go near there or any employee's workers or owners. i don't understand that i never made any threats or said i was going to do anything i offered to come over to talk.. someone i know said on face book go get your puppy and offered to come with me but i never said or suggested i was going to steal him or do anything. why would i go though all this of trying to handle this civilly and now legally.capp has also said i would not get him back even tho the paper i sign said i could adopt him back but would have to pay the vet bill. Isn't that what ive been trying to do? and that violate the paper i sign under false pretence! a lot of people feel they tried to ripp me off and then decided to keep him for them self and only turned him over to capp once the police have gotten involved. why capp wont talk to me or work with me is beyond me. not only is what has happened here illegal is immoral and violate the professional practice act codes 5.5 5.9 5.11 6.1 29.2 3 7 29.6 3 .

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