Acabemos con la impunidad de las compañías aéreas / No more abuse from the airlines!

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No more abuse from the airlines!

People use air transport for work or holiday. Flight bookings are linked to some other plans, such as work events which are scheduled on a precise date and time, bookings for accommodation, conections with different transportation means or just time to relax; all of them usually mean an important amount of money for the traveller, and are essential to accomplish a job. The cancellation of a flight could put an end to our plans.

Nevertheless, if the airline informs about the cancellation to the passengers just a few hours before, and the only way to know what is going on and fix the problem, is to call a phone number (with a special cost or to another country), the situation becomes even more serious. The passengers then feel absolutely frustrated and powerless, meanwhile they see how their inminent travel plans fall apart.

 The airlines repeatedly act this way with their clients because they know no law is going to punish them. An airline can make a passenger pay for every single detail: you choose a seat next to your child, you forgot to print your boarding pass, your baggage weighs half a kilo more than you thought at home… However, they can make hundreds of passengers wait for hours, taking your hand luggage to the hold without even asking for your permission or to change or cancel the flight hours before the departure without any kind of explanation which can justify that kind of behaviour. No penalties for the airline.

 So please, sign this petition if you also think our rights as passengers are the airlines’ duties, and the European Parliament is not doing anything to protect travellers’ rights. It is time to claim for our dignity and to make the airlines fulfil their part. By signing this petition, we want them to REALLY respect the passengers’ rights and, if not, to punish and make them be honest. In a contract, both parts are bound to it, and from the moment you buy a flight ticket, the airline is signing a contract with you.

Trabajo o vacaciones, la gente recurre al transporte aéreo por distancia o duración del trayecto. Las reservas de vuelo van ligadas a otros planes, como asuntos laborales que tienen lugar en hora y lugar determinado, reservas de hotel, conexiones con otros medios de transporte o tiempo de ocio, todos ellos con un importante desembolso económico o totalmente necesarios para realizar nuestras respectivas tareas laborales. La cancelación de un vuelo puede dar al traste con nuestros planes. Sin embargo, un hecho que agrava esta situación más si cabe es el hecho de que las compañías no avisen con la antelación debida, y se limiten a habilitar un número de teléfono (de tarificación especial o línea extranjera, que pueden atender o no excusándose en la sobrecarga de la línea), dejando al pasajero en tierra e impotetente, a sabiendas de que los gobiernos no van a castigarlos. 

Firma esta petición si también piensas que nuestros derechos como pasajeros son los deberes de las compañías, y crees que los gobiernos europeos hacen poco por este problema que tiene fácil solución. Que obliguen a las compañías a ofrecen REALMENTE cobertura a los derechos de los pasajeros y si no, que las penalicen y las conciencien. Todos debemos cumplir con nuestros contratos, y una reserva de vuelo es un contrato.

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