To change the results of boundary changes for Miracle Beach Students.

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We, as parents of Miracle Beach Students, would like toexpress our concerns with the potential Catchment Consultation options 1, 3, 4 that Miracle Beach catchment would feed into Highland Secondary, instead of Vanier, as it has for the past 52 years.  

We feel that it is appropriate and morally correct that students have the option to attend the closest school to ensure their mental and physical health, and quality of life.  Unnecessarily lengthening our children’s already long commute of potentially sixty minutes via bus or personal vehicle by another ten minutes either way is not conducive to the students ability to focus in the classroom and their involvement in extra-curricular activities.  This means significantly more driving time for all members of the family, including siblings.  

Our rural community of Black Creek would suffer as a whole, as many community members rely on our secondary school aged children for childcare, elder care, employment, farm chores, and most importantly, the students mental and physical health.  Additionally, having families divided by students currently attending Vanier and Highland is not aligned to enable family support and values.

As the Black Creek community is midway between Campbell River and Comox Valley, many families work, and access medical and dental services in Campbell River.   The proposed additional travel time is an inconvenience and has the potential to preclude parent involvement in school activities and negatively impact access to services and activities outside of school.   This especially becomes worrisome when there is no direct route to access our children in the case of emergencies, natural disasters, or times of crises.

Furthermore, in regards to the proposed route to access Highland Secondary via Coleman Rd.  As this is not a primary artery, it is not maintained to the standards of the highway and the main roads.

Please take into consideration the additional time and environmental impact (2 metric tons of Co2 per additional bus route/year) of additional bussing, as well as the impact this will take with parent involvement.

Regarding the current bus routes, there are More than 60 stops that pick-up students in the Miracle Beach catchment to take students to G.P Vanier;  many of these being up to 60 minutes long; how does one bus route return 27 students to the Black Creek area in a reasonable amount of time?  

Please take time to review the socio-economic differences between these two communities, Urban and Rural.  The current presentation of these Options appear to be quick fixes that do not match the Districts Long Term Facility Plan, where the School District has expressed keeping Rural Communities together (Rural Schools feed into Rural Schools),  where the utmost important aspect of making these catchment changes are not only to fill empty schools, but to solve the overcapacity issues for other schools. Miracle Beach Elementary’s projected numbers show that we are not a school at overcapacity, that our numbers will even out, and that our school is, in fact, rural.  Additionally, the school is the furthest away geographically, not to mention with the largest geographic foot print.

We need to keep our Families together and Active in their school and Community.

Thank you for your time, and listening to our concerns.Parents of Miracle Beach Students.