Save Bevan Trail Network

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November 14th, 2020 at 6:30pm: Petition Updated in light of recent events - please note that the original petition wording is still available as an update below, however there is more relevant information we wanted to provide. 

It has come to light recently that the Bevan Trails forest along the puntledge river is slated to be logged. Since this discovery, a group of concerned community members have formed a new society called the Puntledge River Forest Protection Society. Our goal is to make the Bevan trail network a park, along with the north side of the river - the Bear Bait trail network.

The three of us have been engaging in constructive dialogues with those in charge of the timber and the lands. 

Hancock Timber Resource group owns the timber rights, and BC Hydro owns the land. We are aiming to work with both parties and reach out to local representatives of the CVRD, the MLAs and federal MPs and various others to enlist some support to see the timber rights purchased in order to protect this environmentally important area. 

We have had our initial meetings with BC Hydro, Hancock Forest Management and other conservation groups with plans of future meetings towards the end of November and beginning of December. 

We've consulted with various other conservation groups to find the best way to approach this issue. We are asking for your support in giving our cause a voice to continue to press this matter. We are very grateful for all signatures and shares of this petition. 

This is not a park, but we can make it one. 

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