Save Bevan Trail Network

The Bevan trails are along side the Punthledge river. The main water artery from K'Omoks lake back into the Georgia Straight. Pacific Ocean yes. The puntledge river deserverse a healty strong eco-system serounding it in order to promote the proper habitat for birds, fishes, importantly a salmon spawnin rive. The Beaven trails and all along the puntledge river is home to the Bald eagles, gerry oak trees, arbutus, woody wood peckers and many other protected endengered speicies. Logging the area anymire than it has already been would only go against the grain of having good pure clean water and access to our water streama and rivers. The beavan trails are part of the K'Omock's nation unseeded land. It must remain healty. It is an amazing fragile eco system that has just started recovering it's symbiosis since the last time it was logged. That is to be the last time. Yes please and thank you.

Isabelle St-Onge, Cumberland, BC, Canada
3 months ago
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