Commute Lester Galdamez (Extreme Sentence and Enhancements)

Commute Lester Galdamez (Extreme Sentence and Enhancements)

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Sara Galdamez started this petition to Governor Gavin Newsom and

Dear reader, my name is Sara Abigail Galdamez, and this petition was created in the attempt to gain enough signatures to seek assistance from Governor Newsom for my brother Lester Galdamez in hopes to have his extreme sentence as a Youth Offender commuted or appealed.

At the age of 18, Lester Galdamez was sentenced to 50 years to life with added-on Gang and Gun Enhancements. As young adults, we don’t ever measure the severity of our actions. Lester testified in his participation in the crime and took responsibility for his actions, yet at age eighteen he lacked understanding, insight, and remorse. Lester has served thirteen years of his 50 to life sentence.

Throughout Lester’s incarceration, since 2009, various legislative bills have been passed without any real aid to reduce Lester’s extreme sentence. These legislative bills have not been retroactive (meaning the bills do not apply for an event that has already occurred in the past) nor do they affect his sentence in any form. For example, Senate Bill 620 Firearms (This bill would delete the prohibition on striking an allegation or finding and, instead, would allow a court, in the interest of justice and at the time of sentencing or resentencing, to strike or dismiss an enhancement otherwise required to be imposed by the above provisions of law) would have helped Lester but the bill does not have retroactivity and only applies to new sentences.

As a young teen, Lester lived a selfish and reckless lifestyle that shaped his beliefs during our parents’ divorce. Lester has been part of numerous self-help courses, gained and adopted new belief systems, life skill tools, and developed prosocial behavior.  

Lester is thankful for being able to obtain his GED Certificate, Two Associate Degrees, and is currently going to school for his Bachelor’s Degree in Communications on behalf of Cal State LA.

Lester also wants to thank A.V.P. (Alternatives to Violence Program) for trusting him as a volunteer with over 250 hours as a Facilitator to help his peers on living a non-violent life on the inside and on the outside.  

Also, ARC (Anti Recidivism Coalition) educated him on mentoring the youth so the cycle of gang life can be hindered.  

CGA (Criminal & Gang Members Anonymous) expanded his mind and helped Lester detox from anti-social behaviors alongside the support of his family, friends, Alexis Banda, and the Lord.  Lester came to fully understand the removal from society throughout his rehabilitation and he came to grasp the value of safety and security for the community.

By engaging in educational programs, Lester has a forty-three percent lower chance of recidivism than his peers who do not participate in educational programming" (Davis, et al. Evaluating the Effectiveness of Correctional Education. Bureau of Justice Assistance. 2013).

Therefore, I am asking you, the community, for your help in signing this petition. I believe one day Lester will be a tax-paying citizen to the society that has aided him through his rehabilitation.

We ask you to please view Lester Galdamez for the person he has become and not the broken boy he used to be when he was eighteen.  As C.C Salazar who is part of the Investigation Service Unit once stated, “I believe if inmate Galdamez continues on his pursuit to better oneself, one day he will not only be a benefit but a contribution to society.”  

My family and I truly thank you for taking your time to read this petition and signing it in hopes to reach the Governor of California in relief of my brother Lester Galdamez's extreme sentence as a Youth Offender.

Please feel free to reach out to the Los Angeles District Attorney, LA Judges, or Police Department on behalf of this petition for Lester Galdamez Resentencing.

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Sara Abigail Galdamez

1,978 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!