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We Support Houston's Homeless

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On May 20, 2016 a petition that targets and attacks Houston's homeless while also looking to have the Salvation Army on N Main closed, has been passed around on social media. 

11 Year old Josue Flores was murdered just 2 blocks from his home days ago. Houston Police nabbed Che Calhoun, accusing him as the murderer. Rumors spiraled that Che was homeless. Without confirming where Che came from, a community near Salvation Army began making assumptions, defaming the homeless community not on individual terms, but as a whole. The charges against Che were dropped Friday morning as Houston Police learned that Che was not the killer. Unfortunately, an effort implemented by Petra Olvera to have Salvation Army closed moved forward. Even after all these assumptions are made. 

Truth is, Salvation Army, while they have their own set of issues, have housed thousands of homeless individuals. They've also fed the homeless, assisted the homeless in various programs, and even pay rent for housing the homeless. Sadly, the anti-homeless petition that's being passed around is chalk full of defamatory comments about the homeless. While some of our homeless suffer from mental illnesses, addiction, and some have perpetuated criminal activity, the same could be said of people who live in that community. Judging the homeless as a whole is wrong. It's obvious that Petra Olvera and others who are spearheading the anti-homeless petition has not spent any real time with the homeless. Oppressing the homeless isn't the answer. Closing Salvation Army will not deter the homeless community. Implementing mental health programs and drug/alcohol rehabs is key to helping our homeless. Not cutting off services or attempting to banish the homeless from an area. While we understand that people are highly upset over Josue's murder, which we completely understand, to target the homeless and point fingers their direction, especially without all the facts, is wrong! Please sign this petition IN SUPPORT OF HOUSTON'S HOMELESS! Let's show everyone that the homeless are people too, and they deserve to be treated on an individual bases, not an entirety. 

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