Transparancy and Accountability for Ward 72 (Modder, Dersley, Rowhill, Everest, Paynevill)

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Clr Ramesh as elected representatives councillor for Ward 72 (Modder East, Dersley Park, Rohwill, Everest, Payneville and Bakerton) he need to carry out his duties in a transparent and accountable way, he has never as representative. He is arrogant towards community and never called any public meeting since he was elected as ward Councillor in 2016. This means Clr Ramesh act as individuals and do as he wish. His actions must are visible to the public so that the public we are not being adequately represented. Clr Ramesh also serve as facilitators of community input, he has never facilitated for Ward input. Clr Ramesh has never serve as a communication link between council and community. Clr has never help monitor the performance of the municipality and therefore act as a key feedback mechanism for monitoring:

1. whether the municipality’s plans and programmes are achieving the intended effect
2. whether services are being provided in a way that is efficient and fair
3. whether capital projects, as committed to in the IDP, are actually taking place according to plan and within a reasonable timeframe.