Safe roads for cyclists

Safe roads for cyclists

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Robert Trencheny
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Changes were implemented on Lakewood Ranch Blvd. southbound in the area of SR-70 to allow for a double right turn lane onto SR-70.  In this implementation, the bike lane was eliminated. Over 3 cycling clubs use this intersection, numerous individual road cyclists and recreational cyclists pass through this intersection.  This is the only safe passage across SR-70 for cyclists for miles. 

In consultation with the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), our proposal is to 1) reduce the speed limit just north of Rangeland Pkwy on LWR Blvd South to 35mph (it is currently 45mph). LWR Blvd south of 70 is 35mph.  This allows for a transition into a busy intersection and matches the speed south of 70. 2) Add sharrows (Shared lane markings) to the right lane of the through lanes to note that cyclists may use the full lane.  Continue those sharrows on LWR Blvd south until the bike lane resumes. 3) Add a sharrow on Rangeland Pkwy in the far left turn lane, so that cars and cyclists know that turning onto LWR Blvd south they are allowed to use the full lane.

This will result in a safer cycling situation for the many cyclists in the area.