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Stop pad rental hikes in Yukon mobile home parks!

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The new Residential Landlord and Tenant Act allows for yearly unregulated pad rent increases that are making mobile home parks less and less affordable -- and Yukon mobile home owners are feeling the consequences of this lack of renter protection. The Act doesn't even guarantee mobile home owners the security of tenure: they can be evicted and required to remove their home from the park.

The Yukon government can't continue to be a spectator as the housing continuum is undermined and the families who live in them face housing insecurity. Government needs to acknowledge the difference between mobile home owners and the typical renter and have legislation in place that adequately protects them.

Community services minister Currie Dixon and Residential Tenancy Office director Micheal Noseworthy must take action to stop unfair pad rental increases.

Photo: oatsy40 / flickr. Used under a Creative Commons BY 2.0 licence.

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