REMOVE Michael Capiraso as President, CEO and Board Member of New York Road Runners

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Dear running community and supporters, 

We, current and former employees, are appealing for your support. Inspired by friends and counterparts at other organizations working to dismantle institutional racism and oppression, a coalition of current and former employees at NYRR call for the immediate resignation of Michael Capiraso, the president and CEO. We are also calling for the Board to commit to the implementation of policies that will level the playing field for all employees especially those representing marginalized communities. For years, we have been experiencing racism, bias, and bullying that goes unchecked. We want to create a healthy, equitable, and safe environment for ourselves and for our community. We have been pushing for fairness and cultural competency for years only to have it fall on deaf ears.

                        Demands for NYRR Board of Directors

1. Immediate removal of Michael Capiraso, president and CEO and Board member, as he fosters toxic, discriminatory, and systemically racist work culture at NYRR.

2. Conduct an independent pay equity audit, communicate results, and take corrective action to remediate disparities. 
    - Analyze pay equity gaps around gender and race and ensure that equity has been built into current/future compensation structure, including contracts with athletes and brand ambassadors
    - Corrective action should include capping bonuses of senior leaders to $25,000 so added compensation doesn’t exceed salary amounts of staff 
    - Include an analysis of promotions

3. Restructure Human Resources and accompanying policies and procedures to foster an anti-racist and anti-discriminatory workplace. 
    - Amend internal investigation policies to be transparent with formalized  timelines, communicated resolutions, and extended protection to complainants
    - Develop system to track, monitor, and analyze employee issues/investigations 
    - Commit to transparency on salary range and what determines pay for job posting (current policy is non-disclosure until offer is made) 
   - Hire HR specialists in people management, conflict resolution, cultural competency, and implementation of DEI work
   - Compensate employees for leading ERGs (Employee Resource Groups)

4. Communicate results from DEI audit, commit to sustained action by the new CEO, and integrate results through visible leadership and a willingness to address and rectify an organizational culture that promotes White dominance.

5. Commit to DEI integration in all segments of business and program operations, not just workplace culture.
    - Finalize hiring VP of DEI who will commit to integrating DEI into all operations including media and PR
    - Commit to centering BIPOC communities we serve and involving people directly impacted into the planning, implementation, and evaluation of services and policies

6. A new, external, President and CEO hired by a diverse search committee, in close cooperation with staff (representing all levels and all departments), with demonstrated leadership in community based non-profit work. 

7. Conduct an independent, external audit on youth and community programming and investigate possible financial malfeasance including program incentive structure.

8. Develop a philanthropy strategy that centralizes fundraising under one umbrella and is reflective of all youth and community programs and supports NYRR as a running community organization. 

9. Board chairs commit to monthly all-staff check-ins until the new president and CEO is hired and commit to future staff check-ins (without SLT's).

10. Hire an independent interim CEO to lead the organization until a permanent and external president and CEO is hired.