Please support bring Morne Blignault back to PE from Kokstad

Please support bring Morne Blignault back to PE from Kokstad

2 February 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Nicole Blignault

I need everyone who agrees that my father has been treated unfairly to sign this petition. I will appreciate it.
My father was sentence 23 years for racketeering "abalone" to St. Albans maximum. He was at st Albans for 5 years...
In 2019 St. Albans transferred him to kokstad without contacting the family. Without any reason. For 6 months
For the first time in 6 months, I saw my father mentally ill, skinny. He looked sick. Depressed.

My father went back to St. Albans, but in 2022 they drafted my father back to Kokstad once again, without letting the family know.
They just do as they please. And I cannot get any answers.
Embongweni is a maximum prison for rapists, murders and gangsterism. It is notoriously dangerous. He does not belong there.
Everything is taken away from you...
They took my dad away from his family he's hometown. For no reason!
He is in a single room 4 walls, no visits no tv. No radio. No tuck shops. No property.
23 hours a day he talks to himself, my father tried suicide twice already.
St Albans therapist told the head at st Albans he is a substantial risk of being in a single cell, because of the suicidal traits.
My father has medical reason he should be in St Albans and near to his family. He is busy appealing against his sentence but now he is 10 to 11 hours from his family, so this is challenging as well.
Not only is my father broken but his family also...
Please I need people to agree and sign to bring my father back to his family. Yes, he did wrong he received a harsh punishment, 23 years. He is doing his time.

But why take away f all his rights from him? and his family?

He is still human.
Please help by signing this petition.
Bring him back to Gqeberha

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Signatures: 1,583Next Goal: 2,500
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