Community Wanting Extension for Clifton Springs Skate Park

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Community Of Clifton Springs/ Drysdale,

I am a Local BMX Rider of Clifton Springs SkatePark after putting through our first Petition after our amazing support unfortunately it got declined. On that note we are not giving up the fight to add an extension to Clifton Springs Skate Park, Others & Myself have been riding at Clifton Springs skate Park for a few years an have realised during the day when local children are at school the skate Park we have enough space to ride freely without running into anyone until, School finished between 3:10 - 3:30PM for us BMX riders it is hard for us to actually get a ride in once all the local schools finish. We have also realised that there is a large grass area right next to the skate park that hardly gets used it has the perfect amount of room for an extension it has enough room that it still won't be close to the neighbouring houses. It will also would attract other riders to the area helping out local store our skate park isn't exactly the best as well its very small an compact hard for Local BMX Riders to try new tricks an get enough speed for the tricks. So if you are a local rider like myself or have a Son or Daughter that is a local rider at Clifton Springs Skate Park please help us by signing this petition to have an extension put on our local skate park.