Higher expectations for sports programs in Cheyenne-for our kids!

Higher expectations for sports programs in Cheyenne-for our kids!

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The importance of kids playing sports is not in just the fun they have in playing that sport. In fact, sometimes the most valuable lessons come from the hard work and discipline found in sports. Any sport offers the same valuable opportunity for a child to:

1. Prove to themselves, they are capable of more than they ever thought, while accepting they are not perfect.
2. Rewarded through the personal achievement of training and seeing themselves grow.
3. Understand the importance of commitment and doing things when they don’t necessarily feel like it.
4. Receive valuable mentorship from a coach that can reinforce important concepts found in sports that are necessary for success in life.
5. Learn how to lose and win with strength and courage.
6. Have goals and activities that keep them engaged in positive activities.

As parents and members of the community of Cheyenne, we value the skills and life lessons that our children receive while playing sports. We value the organizations, schools and coaches that give of their time and resources to provide these opportunities. We do not have unrealistic expectations of how far our child will take the sport, but are open to give them the best opportunities so that they can take it where opportunity lies. It is important to us to ensure our children show up and are committed to the training process. We do not expect our children to be treated better than anyone else, and expect our children receive the consequences for their behavior, both good and bad.

Holding the position of a coach is an opportunity to mentor our children and reinforce the life skills that are taught in the home. Coaches should be fair and have good communication with kids. The responsibility of a coach is to teach kids the skills of the game while relying on fundamental skills needed in life such as respect for self, respect for others, commitment and dedication. Coaches should be shown respect and support from parents. Parents and kids should openly communicate with coaches and present any problems in an appropriate manner. The expectations of parents on a coach should not be out of line with the responsibilities of a coach. However, not everyone should be a coach and there should be zero tolerance for a burned-out coach. When a coach gives up on our kids, they should be immediately replaced. A paid position as a coach holds great responsibility. It is a job and when the job is not done correctly, they should be trained or replaced. Coaches should care about the future of the sport and encourage future involvement of the sport.

The organizations that provide sports should do so fairly and uphold all boundary and registration requirements. Sport organizations should be supported by our community. It is these organizations that assumes the responsibility and liability for our children playing sports and therefore deserve our respect. We recognize that it is difficult dealing with unrealistic demands and parents that will never be pleased due to their expectations that are unfairly placed on these organizations. These organizations should be supplementary to the work the parents are doing in the home and not the other way around. It is however expected that these organizations will utilize any resource that this community can offer to ensure we give our kids the greatest opportunity possible. We hold them accountable to the quality of programs and coaches they provide. We expect that they communicate any needs that they have. We expect that they have standards for their coaches and place the highest qualified person in the job. We expect that they believe in their program and coaches enough to enforce the boundary rules with athletes with no exception. They understand how demoralizing it is on students and coaches when athletes are allowed to switch schools or teams.

As members of this community, we see the conflict parents face in providing opportunities for their children to play sports while upholding the requirements of school boundaries. When one opportunity is way below the others, parents are put in a position to pick between following rules and ensuring their children are given an equal opportunity. This is an impossible decision and should not be accepted as the norm in the culture of Cheyenne. All children in Cheyenne should be valued. Resources should be poured into making sure all schools are at least competitive. When ALL Cheyenne schools become competitive, it makes all three high schools better and more competitive in the state.

We value sports for not just the entertainment they provide, but the value they bring to the children that play them. They prepare children for life beyond childhood. Sports also have a unique and special way of bringing a community together in a unified purpose. To dismiss the importance of Friday nights lights, cheering courtside, watching duals on the mat and cheering in unison misses out on the opportunity to bring unity to a group of people that otherwise might believe they don’t have anything in common. Its been said that it takes a village to raise a kid, and there’s no better village than the one found in Cheyenne.

We believe our kids deserve a full-court press, keeping our eyes on the ball, not accepting a par for the course expectation, no holds barred attempt at pushing our sports programs over the goal line.

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