No bail for rape accused

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Petition against bail for Sthembiso Mabaso

This petition serves a s a request for your signature/your voice to be added to ours to keep rapists out of our community. Sthembiso Mabaso AKA King Sotra stands accused of raping a young woman who was under his protection. A young woman who saw him as a brother, mentor and protector. Sthembiso Mabaso has taken advantage of his senior age to the victim and has used that to victimize and brutalise the young woman in question. We as a community would like to request your signature to be added to keep sthembiso behind bars until he is either found guilty or innocent by thw court of law. We make this request on behalf of the victim and her family as they are afraid of what will happen if he is released in bail. The victim has suffered grave physical, mental and emtional trauma and we would like to protect her by keeping him out of the community as he lives only a few houses away from the victim. Sthembiso does not pose any flight risk and under the circumstances this is what we are afraid of. Having him in the community will serve to further traumatized the victim and cause more pain and suffering to her family.

We humbly request your assistance in the matter and your help to better protect the young women in our community. In this day and age when gender based violence is in the rise in our communities, it falls on us as members of the community to protect our young women and children frkm the monsters who will steal their innocence.

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