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To All Our Riders,

As you have seen we're asking everyone to sign a petition to extend our lease. We will be using this petition to take to the commissioner and other appropriate representatives to show the support and value of keeping our doors open. What we have been waiting to announce is Florida is proceeding with the sale of 618 acres to a large private sand minding company. This land includes the property surrounding miamimx, as well as the land miamimx is located on. This sale has come as a large shock to us.

We recently found out this news and have been waiting to announce the full scope of the news until we could meet with the mining company ourself. It's very possible they will engage in a lease with us, we don't know yet and are actively trying to schedule a meeting with someone within the company. We will also share our petition with the mining company officials and are hoping they will see the magnitude of people who see this track as a strong asset to the community.

We ask all our riders to please not panic, but know the best thing we can do is make a strong petition and send letters to the commissioner sharing your love for our track.

Lazaro borrego has dedicated ten years of his life to this track and put his entire life savings into this facility. Operating a track is solely a labor of love. The Borrego family, along with everyone else on the team, genuinely care about this facility. We are asking for all your support to keep this dream a reality for so many people. There would be nothing worse than taking away the only track in South Florida.

Please sign our petition and send a letter to our local commissioner. Also please note this deal will take a while, and the track will operate under its regular hours unless otherwise announced. Our strongest hope is the company will engage in a lease with us, and that miamimx will remain open for many years to come.

~Miamimx Management

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