Self-Care Matters, You Matter- The Lemonade Project

Self-Care Matters, You Matter- The Lemonade Project

December 7, 2019
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Why this petition matters

Unfortunately, stress effects every human being. A wise quote once said that "life isn't what happens to us, but rather how we respond"; The Lemonade Project is taking life's lemons and making lemonade by creating a self-care community in response to that inevitable stress. 

By singing this pledge, I am petitioning to:

  • Fight against unnecessary stress, causing mental health concerns, and life-altering health concerns, by building a stronger self-care community.
  • To prioritize myself.
  • To build self-care routines into my life, and the life of those that I love. 
  • To ask for what I want. 
  • To be at peace with saying no.
  • To be more grateful.
  • To celebrate more.
  • To make health my wealth by listening to my body's needs.
  • Understand that I can only control, and am only responsible, for myself.
  • To share how I truly feel.
  • Forgive myself.

I hope that in committing to this new lifestyle you find yourself ready and recharged to create a life worth living. A life where stress is managed, and moments are enjoyed. 

For more information about how to practice better self-care, including tips, visit

With love and lemonade,

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Signatures: 62Next Goal: 100
Support now