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Help our baby boy, visit

Our son Aiden has an opportunity to enroll at Clarke Schools for Hearing and Speech in Jacksonville, Florida. Aiden was born hydropic and not expected to survive but he did! Today, he's doing great but is profoundly deaf in both ears. After 2 successfull Cochlear implant surgeries we've learned the specialized intensive speech therapies he needs are not available locally in Central Florida. We currently drive 3 hours one way to Jacksonville, Florida for him to get a one hour therapy. One hour therapies are not enough for him to thrive. Clarke Schools has a spot for him which will provide 5 hours of specialized therapies every day so he can thrive and be mainstreamed by 1st grade. Aiden thrives when provided the proper services. Pleas help us help him! Please click the link to view our campaign.
We want to raise awareness for all famillies who have a child with hearing loss and raise the funding necessary so Aiden can get the services he needs. He's overcome tremendous challenges in his llife and he's not even 3 years old. Please help us provide Aiden an opportunity so his struggles can end, so he can have a strong foundation and the skills needed to thrive in a hearing and speech filled world. God bless!

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