Municipality of Norfolk Treherne and our Involvement with the GPSG - Have your say!

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This petition is a call for support from community members who reside in the Municipality of Norfolk Treherne within the Province of Manitoba.

On April 23, 2019, an information session was held by the Growth and Prosperity Stakeholders Group (GPSG) in Rathwell, Manitoba regarding the Municipality’s membership with the group. With council previously rejecting the municipality’s proposed involvement, this petition was created to represent the perspective of municipal residents in favor of the Natural Gas Project. Collectively, we are calling upon council to reconsider the municipality’s involvement with the GPSG.

In signing this petition, we are affirming our belief in the vision presented by the GPSG. We recognize that bringing natural gas to our community would be a beneficial investment as it will allow us to maintain the amazing community services we currently have. It also has great potential to generate future economic growth/development by generating employment opportunities and attracting new businesses to the area. This growth will help to promote prosperity in the municipality for generations to come.

As a community we recognize other benefits this proposal will bring to the municipality. It will help to maintain residential property values while decreasing residential, commercial and community energy costs. Furthermore, while environmental concerns are often cited as reasons to avoid pipeline creation, this proposal would reduce our carbon footprint by reducing our reliance on other environmentally-costly forms of energy, such as coal and propane.

Based on the information presented by GPSG, we support their payment proposal. The commitment being proposed of both the municipality and our residents is also understood. Finally, we also understand the importance of the proposed commitment and how it would apply to both residents who will directly benefit from the addition of the pipeline, and to those who will only benefit indirectly (i.e. through access to community services directly impacted by energy cost savings, etc.)

In summary, we strongly believe that not being part of this project would be a missed opportunity, which could negatively affect the sustainability and future of Norfolk Treherne. In signing this petition we are giving a vote of confidence to the GPSG, and expressing our desire to see their work continue. We are also agreeing that the Municipality of Norfolk Treherne should be an active participant with the GPSG in their grant application process for federal and provincial funding. For these reasons, we respectfully call on the council to reconsider its decision.


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