Local to International: Asset Ownership Standard

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Multigenerational Poverty has been a persistent challenge for many years.  Sometimes it is expressed as Wealth Inequality or just Inequity.

The most effective way to start a journey to finally eradicate this challenge of multigenerational poverty is to start with the foundation of an Asset Ownership Standard.

Our goal is to reduce to Zero individuals who are unbanked and underbanked by helping them create 1. First a savings account then 2. Soon to follow a DRIP (Dividend Reinvestment Plan) account also known as DSPP (Direct Stock Purchase Plan) account with a Transfer Agent company.  This approach does NOT use Taxes does NOT use Debt.

The Asset Ownership Standard uses the scientific notation number system and specifically the Bloomberg Wealth number model where 10-3.5 or $5000.00 per person is the goal in 2nd and 3rd economic level nations and 10-4.5 or $50,000.00 per person is the goal in 1st economic level nations.  GPIA-DIV (Global Permanent Investment Account- Dividend) 2035 is the official name of the campaign. 2035 is the goal year where No one is unbanked or underbanked and every one has started a GPIA-DIV account by having a saving account.

Owning a saving account then starting a DRIP Dividend stock account permanently changed my life.