Summerlin Community Bike Park

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We, the undersigned residents of Summerlin would like to formally request a community bike park within the Summerlin boundaries.
Back when many of us adults grew up we spent our summers and free time adventuring/recreating by digging holes in vacant lots, riding our BMX bikes down to the 7-11 to buy tootsie pops, and building rope swings across the local pond.
Nowadays, our recreation is much more structured. Communities invest in ball fields, soccer facilities and recreation centers with pools, tennis and basketball courts. These are all outstanding resources and Summerlin has done a fantastic job so far by providing these for it’s residents. In addition to these more main stream recreational resources we believe that a master planned community of Summerlin’s size and recognition would greatly benefit from more diversification within its parks and recreation offerings.
When we have more places and ways to play, we are healthier and happier on so many levels.
Do you know what’s the coolest new recreation facility to hit our hometowns? Bike parks.
Bike parks which range from a pump track on a neighborhood lot to multi-acre treasure troves of jumping, pumping and flowing are riding a wave of popularity as bike riders, cities and regular old citizens realize they offer lots of fun to a wide range of riders.
Small towns and big cities alike see the benefits of giving kids and their parents a place to learn and sharpen skills and ride their bikes in a safe and fun location. Many communities in surrounding states have built and are benefiting from these type of parks. Two examples of such parks are Snake Hollow bike park in St George, UT & Desert Trails bike park in Mesa, AZ.

These are outstanding community facilities where nearly everybody can participate at some level. What’s not to like?

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