Limit Homework at Souhegan High School

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We, the undersigned, support creating a limit on the amount of homework that can be assigned, only allowing for a maximum of 120 minutes of homework for all classes. This means on a White day, which has seven class periods, each class can only assign approximately 17 minutes of homework. On a Black or Gold day, which both have four class periods, each class can assign 30 minutes of homework due the next time the class meets. Our policy will also allow parents to write and sign a letter stating that their student did not complete their homework although they worked on it for the specified amount of time. If a student has this letter, he or she may not face any consequences for the incomplete homework. Currently, there is only one policy in place that limits homework. This policy does not allow teachers to assign homework over school vacations unless it is Advanced Placement (AP) work, Honors work, or a long term project that is not due the day students return to school. This policy is necessary because too much homework negatively impacts the well-being of students. According to Kelly Wallace, a journalist for the Cable News Network (CNN), too much homework not only results in high stress levels for students, but can also cause physical health problems such as sleep deprivation, migraines, stomach problems and a lack of balance in students’ lives. After a long school day, students shouldn’t have to go home and spend the rest of their day working on homework because students need free time to relax, participate in extracurricular activities, and spend quality time with friends and family.