Give marginalized people a substantive role in building new criminal justice reforms.

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Ithaca is now embarking on several new Alternatives to Incarceration and human service expansions.  The Community Coalition for Underserved Voices sees an urgent need for greater input from the voices of the people whom service expansions are meant to serve.  The coalition is united by the mission to work side by side with marginalized people in making the critical planning decisions for new programs and reforms that most greatly impact their own future.  We need your help to support our vision and urge our leaders and peers to recognize and give voting representation to our coalition on criminal justice, public health, and public safety policy boards.

The Community Coalition for Underserved Voices places special importance on centering the voices of people who are at greatest risk of continuing to be underserved in spite of well-meaning reforms.  Historically, the criminal justice system has disproportionately impacted communities of color.  These same communities face unique difficulties in navigating the human services landscape.  One of the key issues to come to the surface during conversations around human services reform in Ithaca is the lack of communication between different service providers regarding their overlapping clients.  Who better to ask about what’s working and what’s not than the people themselves, the people we keep talking about but not inviting into the room?

We are united by the mission to give substantive voice to marginalized people who have been impacted by the criminal justice system as we come together to build new reforms.  We believe that the experiences of marginalized people must guide us if we are to affect any meaningful change in our community's public health and safety. We advocate for direct input by impacted and marginalized people in the decision making surrounding criminal justice reforms.  Without this critical input, our new reforms will just be a continuation of a system that, even at its most well-meaning, excludes and undermines the voices of the people who have the most at stake.  The greatest stakeholders of all, with the most skin in the game, and the most at risk, are the people we are seeking to serve.  We must listen to those people, in particular those who would otherwise continue to go unnoticed and underserved, if we expect to make any substantive restorative change in our community.

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