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Buy Free Range Eggs! Not Caged!

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I Strongly Believe that Caging Chickens to collect and make money off of there is cruelty, and completely un-humane. The life of a Caged Chicken is Horrible they are put into a cage at the age of 6 months old and remain there until the age of 5-7 years old, once they have finished laying they will be transported to the closest abattoir and killed for their meat That is the life of a Caged Hen!  Statistics that Help my Case!

   Each hen can have from 3 to 20 cage mates and are only allocated a cage the same size as an A4 piece of paper.
For the safety of the there eggs and other chickens that they are in the cage farmers de beak there hens at only a few days old this is most commonly done by a laser or just cut off by hand.
If you are born as a Male chicken you don’t get to live long enough to see light! As you would be thrown into a grinder (alive)  with thousands of other male chickens and be produced into dog food.
Caged hens experience reduced bone strength, impaired foot conditions and higher feather loss.
I hope you read this and really think about NOT buying caged eggs again as no one or thing should have to go through this for majority of their lives, Thank you for reading and please support by Argument!   

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