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Stop Truck Rerouting on 20th Street - 22nd Street in Brooklyn.

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 Dear Honorable Community Board 7, and Honorable elected officials,

As private citizens and constituents living in the area of the proposed re-routing, we are concerned that the proposed change of 20th Street from a 2-way truck route to a one-way truck route will have the following adverse effects:

-  Adversely effect the Health of Children 

-  Adversely effect the Health of Community Members

-  Increase truck traffic, overall traffic and thereby increase traffic accidents to community and to students.

- Adversely effect the environment and green space including the cemetary


There are five public schools in our area, several private schools and many preschools, where over eighteen buses arrive to the the area serving thousands of children from preschool to middle-school. This increased truck traffic would cause a danger to our school children as they walk to and from school as our children will compete with trucks and rerouted traffic during their morning commute. Many of the children in our neighborhood walk to school by themselves out of necessity because both of their parents work.

Increased asthma rates have been associated with increased amounts of particulates and ozone levels due to diesel fuel. The truck rerouting could possibly increase the amount of trucks, and would potentially cause a grave health risk to our community. As previously stated, this area has at least five public schools, several private schools and many preschools. For children who live in and around the proposed truck route (7th Avenue to 5th Avenue) this potential threat to increasingly bad air quality poses a grave danger to all, but especially asthma afflicted children and other community members who also have asthma.

In addition to harming the health of our community, air pollutants can harm our green spaces. The largest green space in this area is the cemetery (Green-Wood Cemetery, a non-profit) which contributes to a healthy environment for citizens. This green space is located on 478 Acres of land, contains over 150 species of trees and over 7,000 species of shrubs which could be potentially threatened by increased pollution caused by additional truck and car traffic in and around those spaces.

By signing the petition, we, the private citizens, community members and constituents of Green-Wood Heights, are asking Community Board 7 to stop the proposed truck re-routing on 20th Street from a two-way truck route to a one-way truck route in our South Slope Neighborhood. 

Below is the plan from the city department of transportation:
Sign the Petition to STOP this proposal: 
* STOP Changing 20th Street, between 3rd and 7th Avenues, into a one-way, eastbound local truck route
* STOP Extending the local truck route along 7th Avenue from 19th Street to Prospect Avenue
* STOP Adding a westbound local truck route on Prospect Avenue from 7th to 4th Avenues
* STOP Reversing the direction of 21st Street (non-truck route) to travel westbound

The next meeting is a PUBLIC HEARING where this petition will be presented

Monday, June 18th, 2012

6:30 pm 

Community Board 7 Offices

4201 4th Avenue (enter on 43rd Street)

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