Call for change in China to avoid more catastrophes like the Coronavirus

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The Coronavirus pandemic has caused the loss of hundreds of thousands of lives and the livelihoods of millions around the world. While the virus may have started in Wuhan, this pandemic was caused by the Chinese Communist Party in Beijing.

It is clear that had China been a free and open society with a responsible government accountable to its people, this catastrophic disease would never have reached the scale it now has. Being a totalitarian regime more concerned with maintaining its grip over power than protecting lives, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) deliberately concealed facts about the virus during the crucial first weeks after it initially appeared in late 2019. It harassed and silenced doctors and community leaders who tried to warn about the virus. It lied to its people and to the world. Moreover, despite what they knew, the CCP allowed millions of people from Wuhan to travel abroad and even hounded governments that sought to restrict such travel into their countries.

As a Tibetan refugee who has lived under the repression of the Chinese communist regime, I know that unless China changes, the world will continue to remain at risk of more catastrophes due to the actions of this callous regime.

That is why I am asking you to join me by signing this petition to loudly and clearly demand:

  1. That the Chinese Communist Party respect the fundamental human rights of the peoples under its rule including their right to individual freedoms and democratic norms, and
  2. That governments across the world consistently demand that the CCP uphold these universal values and become a responsible actor within the international community whenever they engage with China.

I am asking for as many signatures as the number of people killed by the Coronavirus worldwide to highlight to the CCP that each of these lives were lost as a result of the lack of basic freedoms under its regime. I will also be seeking 154 additional signatures to signify the number of Tibetans who have self-immolated for the cause of freedom from the CCP’s repressive rule.

Please join me.

About the petitioner:

My name is Nyima Lhamo. I am a thirty-year-old Tibetan refugee based in New York. I escaped to India from Tibet in July 2016, leaving my mother and six-year-old daughter behind, so that I could tell the world the story of my uncle and speak up about the suffering of the Tibetan people under the rule of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

My uncle, Tenzin Delek Rinpoche, was a popular and highly revered Tibetan Buddhist monk and teacher. He worked hard to develop social, medical, educational and religious institutions for Tibetan nomads in eastern Tibet. He was also known as an advocate for environmental conservation in the face of indiscriminate Chinese logging and mining. Along with an assistant, my uncle was arrested in December 2002 on charges fabricated by the CCP and both were sentenced to death without even the pretence of a fair trial. His assistant was executed shortly afterwards and, although my uncle's sentence was commuted to life imprisonment following international pressure, he died in suspicious circumstances in a Chinese prison in the 13th year of imprisonment.