communal gardens

communal gardens

10 August 2022
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Started by Melissa Jeffery

There is families with children that live in each blocks of flats on mickleham close poole which the properties are run by ability housing .

we have all been told that we can not have any childrens play toys in each communal gardens No sheds NO washing lines ETC 

due to health and safety risks which we dont see how this is a health and safety risk or fire hazard because residents wouldnt escape through the back communal gardens due to bottom flats no back doors to them everyone would escape through the front 

Residents dont mind any of these items in there communal gardens even the residents without children .

Ability housing have housed families with children into these flats knowingly that children would want to use THEIR garden to play in!

some residents like to use a table and chairs to sit out in the garden for some fresh air

Some residents use washing lines and Rotary washing lines to hang their washing as this is their only means of drying there clothing

Some residents need sheds or bike sheds to store there items like a bike etc as we are not allowed to store them under the stairs and its a risk of falling up or down the stairs carrying large items and people dont have the space in there flats

There has never ever been an issue with having things in the garden until Michael Cunningham has taken over the roll recently as the housing support officer

So i hereby disagree on your decision of removing and not allowing items in the garden when it is needed as stated above for example 

To dry clothing

To store bikes etc 

To let children have  toys which is a big impact on childrens mental health

To relax with a table and chairs 

just a few examples what stuff is needed for 


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Signatures: 8Next Goal: 10
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