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Petition to stop illegal immigration in Assam.

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His Excellency Pranab Mukherjee, President of India,

Rashtrapati Bhavan,

New Delhi – 110004

Your Excellency,

Sub:- Communal Disturbance In Bodoland Territorial Areas Districts (BTAD)

Your Excellency might have been apprised of the present burning situation prevailing in BTAD, particularly in Kokrajhar and Gossaigaon, Assam. I am a citizen of India from the affected area and am to report that the situation is far more serious than what are being reported in news papers and information media. Unless the situation is dealt with all seriousness and earnestness by the Government, I am afraid to say that there will be far more bloodshed and killings in the area.

The area under disturbance is within the jurisdiction of BTAD which is also under the Tribal Belts and Blocks of Assam. In terms of the provisions contained under Chapter X of the Assam Land Revenue Manual, 1886 no person other than a tribal person is allowed to own and hold land within a tribal belt and block. Any person occupying a land in violation thereof, within a tribal belt and block is liable to be evicted forthwith. Communities, among others, Muslims are not tribal people for the purpose of the Assam Land Revenue Manual and are ineligible to own and hold land in the tribal belts and blocks with effect from 1948 when Chapter X was introduced in the Assam Land Revenue Manual, 1886. Most of the Muslims living in BTAD are illegal immigrants from Bangladesh. 

The present disturbance got started with the incidence of some Muslims mercilessly killing four innocent Bodo boys at Kokrajhar and two Bodo girls near Kokrajhar. The provocation was too strong for the self respecting Bodos to ignore. The Muslims who are none other than the illegal foreigner-encroachers in BTAD and as prepared they were, created a situation to pounce upon the Bodos like hungry wolves killing the unsuspecting indigenous Bodos in their own houses and courtyards. The situation of such a magnitude has never been handled by the Government of Assam on time and with adequate dedication; and therefore, the sensitive situation always  got ignited. When the present disturbance was reported to the Chief Minister, Assam he simply ignored to handle the situation while wantonly coloring it as incidence of conflict and/or quarrel of two disputing/erring groups. He for reasons known to him only ignored and neglected to see the flames billowing from the trouble-torn BTAD and refused to visit the area. The attitude of the Chief Minister of Assam is manifest in itself and is therefore, fully liable for aiding and encouraging the aggravation of the situation. Meanwhile many persons have been reported to have lost their valuable life while many are lying in hospitals and thousands of people have been rendered homeless. The fact is that this is not an isolated incident but is the continuation of the incidents that had taken place earlier many times right before the nose of the Dispur Government headed by Shri Tarun Gogoi who, as the Chief Minister of Assam has failed repeatedly to protect the lives and properties of the citizens of Assam.

The Government at New Delhi or at Dispur should realize that the incidents are indicators of greater turmoil that may follow near future. A man having a little bit common sense would find that Muslims from earlier East Pakistan, now Bangladesh have been steadily spreading to neighboring Indian States. Reports on their migration to Assam, submitted before independence by the British Officials to the then Assam Assembly would vividly disclose the emerging trend and design in this regard. The British Officials appreciated the seriousness of the problem and argued for introducing ‘Inner Line System’ in Assam for safeguarding the land and life of the indigenous people of Assam which was however never been implemented as the Muslims strongly opposed the system. The provisions of Chapter X of the Assam Land Revenue Manual, 1886 have also failed to protect the life and property of the indigenous people of Assam for only one reason that the Assam Government was never serious in implementing the said provisions. On the contrary, with a view to reduce the indigenous tribal people, particularly the Bodos, to a negligible minority and to ensure vote-bank of Muslims for the Congress Party, the Congress led Government of Assam encouraged the encroachments of the Muslims into the tribal belts and blocks. Had the Government implemented the provisions of Chapter X of the Assam Land Revenue Manual, Muslims would not have been able to infiltrate into the tribal belts and blocks, and Assam would not have faced to-day the communal disturbances. Till to-day, their migration continues unceasing and hence, Muslims now claim to constitute 33% of the population of Assam. In another decade, they will constitute majority in Assam and then they, with the aid and help of Bangladesh and/or Pakistan, will surely demand to severe away from India to form a sovereign Muslim country in the North-East India. Will then the Congress Party be able to reverse it?

The Bodos are the indigenous people of the entire East and North-East India till the pre-Christian era. Till the fourteenth century, this area had no Muslim population in it. After the fall of the Sena dynasty, Bengal came under the Muslim domination and the then East Bengal became an area of Muslim majority because of the mass conversion of the indigenous people into Islam. Till the time when the Bodo kings of Cooch Behar, Cachar and Tripura signed in the nineteenth century treaties with the British Government, the Bodos had been ruling independently in almost all the areas of the present North-East India. Post independence, the Bodos were declared as the major indigenous people living in the districts of Goalpara, Kamrup, Darrang and Nowgong by the creation of more than thirty seven tribal belts and blocks for them. The Government of Assam mischievously exchanged the areas of tribal belts and blocks with Muslims for their votes in general elections. Please stop experimenting with the Bodos for the Islamic cause. Your Excellency may as such, be pleased to direct the Government of Assam to

(i)                  properly handle the present burning situation prevailing in BTAD to restore peace and normalcy immediately;

(ii)                implement the provisions of Chapter X of the Assam Land Revenue Manual, 1886 strictly; and

(iii)               adequately compensate the affected people for the loss of life and property.


                                                                                             Yours faithfully,                                 

                                                                                    (Bakul Chandra Basumatary)


                                                                                      P.O.- Gossaigaon, Assam.   


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