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Commonwealth of Virginia, Hampton, Va: Seek first degree murder charges and the death penalty against Daniel Lunsford

Daniel Lunsford brutually beat to death, five month old Brayden Whalen over a period of several days. Brayden finally died on January 5th, 2013 after enduring extreme pain and torture. Brayden was repeatedly struck in the head and chest by Lunsford. Second degree murder in Virginia carries a sentence of only 5-40 years. We ARE ASKING TO SEND A STRONG MESSAGE TO THE PROSCUTERS THAT THIS IS NOT JUSTICE! Justice for Brayden is for Mr. Lundsford to be tried and convicted of 1st degree murder and seeking the death penatly.

Letter to
Virginia State House
Virginia State Senate
President of the United States
and 2 others
Virginia Governor
Commonwealth's Attorney's Office, Hampton, VA Anton Bell
Five month old, Brayden J. Whalen was beaten to death over several days from December 26, 2012-Jan 1, 2013. Brayden had no voice and we are asking you to be Brayden's voice in court and do not ignore the evidence. Please bring justice to Brayden by charging Daniel Lundsford with 1st degree murder and seeking the death penalty. We are asking you to take a strong stance against violent crimes against children and send a clear message that what Brayden suffered is NOT okay and will NOT be tolerated. Let the system finally work for Brayden and seek what is appropriate, nothing less than 1st degree murder, the death penalty and ABSOLUTELY NO PLEA DEALS FOR MR. LUNSFORD!!!!!

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