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Commonwealth of Pennsylvania: Amend PA Human Relations Act: Include sexual orientation & gender identity

In over half of Pennsylvania municipalities someone of LGBT orientation can be kicked out of their homes or fired from their jobs without any legal repercussions. Pennsylvania needs to catch up with the times and amend the PA Human Relations Act to bring civil liberties to the entire state population.

For the past three years the Pennsylvania legislature has attempted to pass a bill to amend the PA Human Relations Act to protect sexual orientation and gender identification/expression, yet still no bill has been passed. In 2013 Rep. Frankel intends to reintroduce this bill as a priority in his administration.

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Pennsylvania Governor
I am writing you to lend my support to amend the Pennsylvania Human Relations Act to include sexual orientation and gender identity/expression.

21 other states and the District of Columbia have passed laws to include LBGT as a protected population. Pennsylvania needs to catch up with its neighbors. According to Ted Martin, the Executive Director of Equality Pennsylvania, 69% of all Pennsylvanians support the passage of LGBT inclusive nondiscrimination legislation. Pennsylvanian needs policy that reflects our values and beliefs.

The Pennsylvania economy cannot afford to lose jobs. Keeping the LGBT population from legal access to employment and housing will prevent Pennsylvania's economy from growing to its fullest extent. In Governor Corbett's 2013 State Budget Address, our Governor stated, "It is now within our power to Pennsylvanian's products and not our young people our greatest export." Let's help our governor in this goal by amending the Pennsylvania Human Relations Act to protect the work of all Pennsylvanian residents.

Please ensure that every population is equally protected to live and work within our great Commonwealth.

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