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Commonwealth of KY: Stop Breed specific banning statewide.

Pitbulls and other breeds are being banned across the state. Many families are responsible pit bull owners and love their pets as if they were their own children. It is being threatened that pit bulls are going to be taken from homes by force. Thousands of beautiful loving family dogs are threatened to be euthanized. Families are being made to choose to move out of the counties that are banning the breed or giving up their beloved pet, some that have had their babies for 10 years. There are laws in place that state that if a dog bites it is to be put down. These dogs have not bit, they are being targeted specifically for their breed.  

Letter to
Councilman Ricky Hurst
Veto Flemingsburg city ordinance 5-13-4 Stop breed specific banning in the complete Commonwealth of KY.

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