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Withdraw all Australian Defence Forces from Afghanistan immediately

Because the mission, to the extent that any mission has been determined, is utterly unattainable. The Afghan Government, both national and regional is corrupt. It is incapable of governing in any form as we understand 'government'. The Afghan Army is penetrated by 'enemies' of all kinds, both secular and religious. ADF cannot function effectively in an environment where we cannot trust our 'allies' in the field. There are better ways to fight international terrorism. Our resources can be more effectively used.

The time has come tonight [30th August] with the news of yet more green-on-blue to face the reality of Afghanistan and the war on terror. The Australian Government has no proper mission to achieve. It never had. The bravery of ADF is not in question. They are doing the best they can in an impossible situation and their best is very good indeed. But the situation - as usual - is one which intellectually lazy politicians continue to advocate. Today, again, the Prime Minister tells us the mission is to train the Afghan Army. But who exactly IS the Afghan Army? Repeatedly we find the enemy is within the ranks of that army. While they kill and maim our troops, sleepers will also be feeding intelligence to the enemy, learning our base layouts, our unit strengths and our mission planning, not to mention that we are, apparently, training the enemy in modern battlefield tactics, weapons and communications. They must be laughing all the way to Peshawar

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