Allow expecting mothers at CHCC one birthing support partner

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Please join a movement to allow a birthing support partner for mothers to be in Saipan. As of now, mothers are being forced to go through labor and delivery alone, while a parent is able to accompany their child in the pediatric unit. Nothing about this is fair. A woman risks her life in childbirth. Complications such as infection, hemorrhage, and high blood pressure can occur. Not to mention, complications with the baby can arise and if something goes wrong it is cruel to expect mothers to go through it alone. Labor can be the most painful and traumatic experience physically and emotionally, and not allowing anyone to be there for emotional support can be detrimental to mental health, causing conditions like PTSD and postpartum depression. According to researchers at Queen Mary University of London and University of Sussex, “Women who feel lack of control during birth or who have poor care and support are more at risk of developing PTSD.” The WHO (World Health Organization) advises against forcing mothers to deliver alone and states that “mothers have a right to have their companion of choice present during the birth.” New York has issued an executive order, after receiving a petition with more than 600,000 signatures, that hospitals are now REQUIRED to allow one person to accompany a woman through labor and delivery. Pregnant women, mothers, fathers and families please we need to come together as one voice to say that this is wrong and inhumane and hopefully get the Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation to change their policy. I’m due May 3 and I can’t imagine having to face this incredibly important and vulnerable experience in my life with no one by my side.