'' Protect the BEAUTY of the Country, SAVE GIRL CHILD ''

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Please don't Scare them!! Gave them Wing's to fly!! Support them as much as you can!! You must see the Change Everywhere around you!! Please Don't kill Girl Child, Don't rape them!! Please respect them!! It's hard for a woman, just look at your mother's life, your sister's life it's very hard for them to fell free, to move free, in a side courner there always a fear in a women mind, that what going to happen next moment!!

So please respect  every single women as you gave respect to your mother and sister, from the very next moment crime rate will decrease!!

Don't you want??  Your mother, sister move freely anywhere anytime without any fear!!

This all will change when we all change our thinking for women, when we all start respecting them!! 

Please!!  "Save the beauty of the Country". 

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