Justice to Sunny Pawar life right Story was copied and theft by October Movie Filmmakers

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Aarti Makwana & Sunny Pawar need justice. October movie is their real life story and was copied by the elite so called creative team October Movie.

On 21st September 2006 Sunny Pawar's girlfriend Aarti Makwana's car accident took place and unfortunately she sliped into comma and Sunny Pawar took care of her and gave sacrificed everything he could with forAarti's treatment. Later with Shefali Saathi and Sarika Mahesh Mene (Sunny's elder Sister) a upcoming filmmaker producer writer, directed a marathi movie on Sunny Pawar's 4 year's life's journey as a fulltime caregiver of Aarti and released the Marathi movie named "Aarti_the unknown lovestory on 17th August 2017 and started making remake of the same movie in Hindi but October movie makers adopted this idea of Sunny Pawar's life story without his permission and blatantly copied it saying its their orginal creative story. Now Sunny's and Aarti's families are in great emotional trauma and financial loss because of investment of time, energy and monetary resources they had put in the hindi film project with a new York investor, Ms Hemal Trivedi. They are demanding October Team to acknowledge the true facts and give credit to its rightful owner, Mr. Sunny Pawar for the source of their script and compensate for the damages suffered by Sunny and his sister Sarika Mene.

Its a humble request to all to support us in our battle against the mighty and the powerful so that they don't dare to continue with such fraudulent activities in future too... A Dhoni or as Sachin can get it easily, but someone as ordinary as a Sunny can be cheated ????