One Time Rent Reduction for Fire Alarm Inconveniences

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We, the Residents ("Residents"), of Common City Gardens located at 333 12th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103 put forth this petition to the Landlord and Building Manager henceforth known as "Common".

Resolve: The incessant false fire alarms that go off frequently are an incredible threat to public safety. We, the Residents, are growing weary of this and it is resulting in apathy with respect to all alarms now being considered false alarms. 

Resolve: The false fire alarms are causing disruptions to not only our sleep, but our remote work as well as overall quality of life. These disturbances are also resulting in increased anxiety levels amongst the Residents.

Resolve: Coffee & donuts will no longer abate the repeated inconveniences we have now experienced. 

Resolve: The Residents were assured in an email from Common on January 13th that the team would have the issue resolved. Since the email, there have been multiple false fire alarms that have gone off and a cluster even occurring on the same day.  

Resolve: The Residents are also experiencing a nuisance from construction noise occurring prior to business hours, with most days the noise beginning at either 7 or 8 am. 

The Residents are seeking monetary compensation in the form of a rent concession from Common to be applied on the next billing cycle - the March 2021 billing period. We are open to discussing and negotiating the amount, but at a minimum we are seeking a 50% rent rebate on the March 2021 billing.