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Common Council and Legislation of Cortland NY: misdemeanor animal cruelty at cortland spca and Jane Witty

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Society for PREVENTION of CRUELTY to ANIMALS is supposed to protect animals from any intentional harm that may fall upon them. The Cortland Community did just the opposite of that on November 26, 2010 to December 22 of the same year.

In August of 2010 Jane Witty Hodgson moved out of the home she shared with her husband. She took with her much of the shared belongings and 2 of 3 dogs. A German shepherd named Liberty and a pit bull named Cooper.
Her estranged husband then began selling the remaining belongings to prepare to move to Hawaii with family. The last thing he sold just before he left was his prized possession.
His dog Justice. A pit bull mix with severe muscle atrophy in his left front leg. He did this to prevent his Ex wife Jane, from taking the dog and euthenizing after he left, as she had threatened to do numerous times. The plan was that he would move to the island, get himself situated And then arrange for his dog to be transported and avoid 4 month quarantine. The "new owner" would be reimbursed the purchase price.

Instead, on november 18 Jane called her ex husband and demanded he fix her car. He then informed her he was no longer in New York. She informed him that someone is going to pay for that because he did not inform her that he was leaving/left. on November 23 Jane went to the city clerk where dogs are to be licensed, had her name placed on record and posted one word on her Facebook status.... " waiting". On November 26th when the new owner was away from the home she shared with her ex (now being rented by the dogs owner which was arranged by her ex), gained access to the inside of the home, took the dog by the collar and took him to the SPCA where she was president. She would continue to brag about this amongst her friends.
Many calls were made to the SPCA to gain information on the where about of the dog.
We spoke to Chief Investigator, William Carr, shelter Manager, Sandy Saunders and director Donna Davies. All declared he was not there and threatened harassment charges if calls continued.

Legislators f the county were informed of the situation after 3 weeks of runaround calls and being sent from one number to another. A week after contacting a call was received from Jane to the "new owner" informing that Justice was at the SPCA and had been the entire time. He now required medical attention for an injury sustained in the care of the SPCA. He had severely injured his muscle atrophy limb and was severely infected as well as a laceration (also infected on his throat) He was picked up at 4pm that day. Being the holiday week, the vet was closed on the 23rd but managed to get him in early on the 24th of December.
The vet statement on what was found was disgusting. His paw was infected horrendously. It was torn in numerous areas and the vet stated it appeared to lack proper treatment. It was soon learned that the SPCA would make a statement.
As per Sandy Saunders : Justice stood up on his hind legs and pawed at the kenneling thus causing the injury to the paw. The injury to his neck may have been result of an e-collar which was used to prevent the pawing to no avail. We were aware of the injury for 2.5 weeks. We do not normally board privately owned dogs but this was a special case.

Jane was president. She was removed from presidency. No charges were ever filed.
The SPCA would later state via the BBB that they provided free boarding due to a domestic dispute. At the time, this was a misdemeanor And holds statute up to 5 years in NY. It is currently a felony. No police department would help to get him out before he was injured. No PD would take a report on animal cruelty. No charges were ever brought up.
I ask that you sign this petition and demand all involved be charged with the statute of misdemeanor cruelty.
Thank you

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