Petition against Michigan’s house bill No. 4362

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This bill limits the times of day that a watercraft can be on a inland lake significantly. Limited boating hours for fishing morning times will be affected drastically. If there is a reason to change the 1991 PA451 act for “natural resources and environmental protection act” let it be known and a proper solution can be found. Yet limiting fishing hours or boating hours per time of day will not change this. We already have noise limitations. If it’s an issue with animals I’d rather see a slower speed to adhere to or maybe something along the lines of no wakes, but not this. A lot of walleye fishers and other fishers alike rely on early morning starts for certain species of fish bc they (the fish) do not like sunlight. Making this bill ludicrous and having no warrant to have in the first place. If we are going to pass any further bills against our fishing and wildlife or environmental aspects of way of life. There needs to be credible scientific research shown first. Before moving forward with “I feel” bills and legislation.