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Stop the Tower! No to Creston School Monopole

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We are calling for the termination of all current contracts and easements between MontanaSky Networks and Creston School District 9. This also includes all future tower contracts and easements, created without public notification, located on Creston School District 9 land.

We believe that the Creston School Board violated MCA Article II Section 8 and Article II Section 9, when they signed a Tower Site Easement with MontanaSky Networks on June 8, 2018. The April 12, 2018 school board minutes state that school administration “will arrange a time for interested board, school and community members to meet with MontanaSky Networks.” We believe they are in violation of the Montana Constitution, as a community meeting did not take place until after the Tower Site Easement In Gross was signed, and utility location was spray painted on the private properties neighboring the school land. 

The easement states “MontanaSky Networks will install a tower, equipment, equipment shelter and any number of radio transmitting and receiving antennas without restriction for the purpose of radio and other electronic telecommunication.”

The community is being force-fed that this is strictly a Wi-Fi pole. However, the Spectrum Act ,enacted in 2012 allows ANY company, including cellular, or multiple cellular companies, to have the right to add on to an existing tower. 

Section 6409 of the Spectrum Act requires a state or local government to “approve ANY eligible facilities request for a modification of an existing tower or base station as long as it does not substantially change the physical dimensions of such tower or base station.”

The location of this tower makes it a prime hotspot for cellular equipment. The monopole will stand 10.89 stories high and is located on one of the highest elevation points in Creston, Montana. Kalispell, Montana has an elevation of 2956 feet and is located 12.9 miles away from the tower site. Upon completion,  the Creston School Tower, will soar 162 feet above the city of Kalispell.

This is not the intended purpose of the land. The land holding the tower easement was granted to Creston School by the Higgins family for school purposes. The Warranty Deed states if the said property is not used for school purposes for the 50 year period beginning December 8th, 1994, then said property shall revert to the grantors, their heirs, successors or assigns.  The intent of this property was to build a school away from busy Highway 35, not for commercial use. Unfortunately, if the land reverts back to the heirs, The Tower Site Easement will be binding upon them. 

The Tower will destroy the essential rural, historical character of the community and will create a visual blight. Creston is located in Flathead County; nestled between  Flathead Lake and Glacier National Park.  Creston has numerous ranches, and pristine landscapes that deserve special consideration as it is the heart of Flathead Valley’s history 

This will have an impact on Home Values. Studies have determined that homes in the blast radius of radio frequency-emitting towers lose 20% or more of their property value.

The Monopole location is within close proximity to Creston Fire Hall. The Creston Fire Hall is in line of sight and approximately 1/4 of a mile from the tower site location. The Creston Fire Department is a 100% volunteer organization that has served the Creston community since the late 1950's. Creston firefighters and medical responders are our neighbors.  These are men and women who live in the Creston community and have chosen to serve their community. 

It is important to note, that the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) worked to achieve legislation, that prohibits cell towers and masts on fire stations, due to negative health effects experienced by firefighters.

This creates a potential to harm our children. We plead that the Creston School Board err on the side of caution and find other means to provide a technology-based 21st Century Education for our students. We have concerns that the proposed project may have harmful health effects on community members, especially children. Most out-of-date research shows there is not a link between EMF and RFR frequencies and health problems. However, a review published in June 2017 by the International Journal of Oncology shows human epidemiological studies gave evidence of increased risk for glioma (type of tumor that occurs in the brain and spinal cord) and acoustic neuroma (tumor that develops on the vestibular and cochlear nerves leading from the inner ear to the brain) . 

A public comment period was not held prior to granting Tower Easement. Constitutional Provision grants the public the right to have input into final decisions of significant interest.  We believe that a decision that has the potential to affect the health of the Creston community as well as its property sales and values, qualifies as significant interest.

Act Now! We ask that you sign the petition and share this information to stop the monopole from being installed near the Creston School, Creston Fire Hall and residents of Creston, Montana. 


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