Sign our Petition for Central Goldfields Shire to stay in the Federal Electorate of Wannon

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This petition relates to the proposed changes to the Federal Electoral Division boundaries that would see the Central Goldfields Shire (CGS) removed from our current electorate of Wannon and placed into the electorate of Mallee.

Over the past five years our community has been very successful in rebuilding the foundations for an environment which will allow all of our citizens to realise their social and economic potential.

The improvements that we have achieved locally to social cohesion, health services, education and children’s services has been nothing short of spectacular. There is still a lot of work to be done to translate these developments into economic reality. Adequate and appropriate political representation is vital for this to occur and a move to such a geographically vast, economically and socially disparate electorate will do little to enhance this.

The Committee for Maryborough has as its vision to” lead Maryborough to become a centre for excellence for rural economic transformation and renewal". A move to the electorate of Mallee would inhibit such a vision.  The Committee for Maryborough will be making a submission to the AEC regarding these proposed changes and invite you to participate in the Facebook Poll at  demonstrating your views on which electorate will better support our growing needs into the future.

We also invite you to support our position in remaining in the Federal Electorate Division of Wannon by signing the petition.  If you feel as strongly as we do about remaining relevant and having a strong voice in to the federal arena we ask that you share this petition within your networks.

**This petition relates only to the decision to switch CGS from the Wannon to the Mallee Electorate.  Although we acknowledge a stronger connection with neighbouring cities of Ballarat and Bendigo we are unable to lobby to join these electorates due to the expected growth in these regions which will push them over the accepted threshold set for individual Electorates.**