Commitment from Gaming Journalism Outlets to cover Accessibility in Games.

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As we move towards a world that becomes more increasingly aware of the trials and tribulations of people with accessibility needs. Publications need to move forward in terms of their review criteria for gamers with different needs and requirements. The normalization of accessibility discussion is the key indicator to promote and encouraging change within our industry. It's through the voices of other people's experiences that we'll hear of stories that would otherwise go adrift. 

I've heard stories of people with accessibility needs who do not know if a game will work for them on launch day because the reviewers from major outlets do not provide a review of any sort as to the ability to remap keys or increase the text size. 

We all have a passion for this industry, and could you imagine if your favorite franchise came out with a new entry into the series and they left you until months down the line for any coverage whether spend your hard-earned cash on something you don't know if you'd even be able to play?

This is why it is imperative for publications who are doing a public service by reviewing and critiquing games to incorporate the needs of other players into their review criteria.

Update 25/03/20 - For those who are looking for a guide as to what to look for as a reviewer; I've put together a small checklist of sorts to help you along the way.