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Commit to VOTE NO on Voter Restriction Amendment!

Believe in a God of love and inclusion? Join people of faith working to ensure every vote counts in Minnesota.

The Minnesota Legislature has voted to place a question on the ballot that, if approved, could systematically exclude tens of thousands of eligible voters from exercising their rights at the polls simply because they lack a state-issued ID.

Help make sure every voice is heard in our democracy. Sign the petition and commit to Vote No on the voter restriction amendment.

The Photo ID Amendment creates barriers to voting, causing major changes in same-day registration and absentee voting, potentially excluding tens of thousands of eligible voters. It causes division, putting an unfair burden on many voters of color, voters with disabilities, seniors and those who lack access to transit or stable housing. And it wastes public resources, potentially costing an estimated $40 million dollars to implement.

Join ISAIAH Minnesota and people of faith across the state. Commit to VOTE NO on the voter restriction amendment.

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