Commit to 50% Women Candidates in Bihar Legislative Assembly Elections

Commit to 50% Women Candidates in Bihar Legislative Assembly Elections

7 October 2020
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Nitish Kumar (Janata Dal (United)) and 8 others
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Why this petition matters

Started by Tara Krishnaswamy

Women comprise almost half the population of the country but hold only 14.4% of Lok Sabha seats and even worse at the state level with only 9% of Vidhan Sabha seats

Although women make up nearly 50% of India’s population, and in many states vote at a much higher percentage than men, there is less than 1 woman for every 10 men running our states. 

So who is representing our rights, our voices and the issues of half the country?

If women are represented in critical mass in the State Assemblies, not only issues pertaining to women like law and order (rapes & sexual harassment) and water (toilets, sanitation)  would receive attention but their lived experiences would enrich and balance overall law and policy making in the state.

Specifically looking at Bihar, 

  • 60% married women face domestic violence!
  • 80% of women use unsafe sanitary products! 
  • 60% of Bihari women are anaemic!

With the Aadhe Hum, Aadha Humara as our campaign call, we ask every citizen: Can our system be truly democratic and inclusive if women equally represent us in Parliament and Assemblies where the destiny of our nation is carved and re-carved? Sign this petition.

Parties give 8-9% tickets to women while men form over 90% of the names on the ballot. Due to this, women cannot contest with any party, therefore deprived of a platform and an organisation for electoral support. 

This is despite the fact that over 10 lakh women have won elections and governed at the Panchayat and Corporation level.

This has to change. In Bihar, 91% candidates fielded are men although women vote at a higher percentage. 

Sign this petition to get top political parties to commit to ensuring 50% of the candidates running on their party tickets in the upcoming Bihar Legislative Assembly are women.

Leaders of all India’s political parties talk about women's empowerment. But all the talk is hollow unless there is women-led governance.

Sign and share this petition and let’s make sure that women get an equal chance at being our elected representatives in the upcoming Bihar Legislative Assembly.

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Signatures: 339Next Goal: 500
Support now

Decision Makers

  • Nitish KumarJanata Dal (United)
  • Sanjay JaiswalBharatiya Janata Party
  • Mukesh SahaniVikassheel Insaan Party
  • Jitan Ram ManjhiHindustani Awam Morcha
  • Tejashwi YadavRashtriya Janata Dal