Commit Da Vinci Schools to 100% Renewable Energy

Commit Da Vinci Schools to 100% Renewable Energy

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Why this petition matters

Da Vinci Schools must commit to energy efficiency, 100% clean renewable energy sources and focus on environmental justice and equity by 2030.

We must transition off of fossil fuels to prevent catastrophic climate change all over the world. This threat endangers the livelihood of every community in California, particularly the futures of young generations and the generations to come. California is seeing decreased rainfall, increased forest fires, coastal erosion, and higher temperatures. 

Everything is at stake: our health, our infrastructure, our economy, and most importantly, our environment.

By committing to 100% renewable energy, Da Vinci Schools will show concrete evidence that they are upholding our schools’ stated values, including: People; Learning in the Real World; Opportunity, Equity and Access; and Delivering Impact at Scale. 

  • People: Da Vinci Schools’ considers people our greatest strength. We focus on developing a spirit of a caring and collaborative community. To cultivate a community of this kind, Da Vinci Schools must show support in the fight against climate change, which will impact all communities, not just ours
  • Learning in the Real World: “Our model delivers hands-on educational experiences designed to connect academic coursework with real world context -- both inside and outside the classroom.” Engaging students in the process of transitioning our school to 100% renewable energy will allow students to have hands-on interactions with a global movement. Climate change will continue to impact everyone adversely unless we make it a priority to educate our communities about the causes and effects of this crisis.
  • Opportunity, Equity and Access: In order to level the playing field for all students and ensure they become happy, independent adults, it is vital to recognize that marginalized groups face the greatest challenges due to climate change. We must acknowledge and address environmental inequities within any discussion of increasing sustainability on campus in order to properly serve and address the needs of ALL students.
  • Delivering Impact at Scale: One of Da Vinci Schools’ goals is to, “radically transform education through real world learning practices, innovative new school models, and personalized learning.'' A simple way to educate our student body about the real world is to talk about climate change and help students identify ways they can have a positive impact. Educating our community about the importance of transitioning to 100% renewable energy will not only help students learn about real world issues, but will also exemplify actions students can take in their own lives and communities, and help create a model for other schools to follow suit.  

It is therefore urgent that Da Vinci Schools transition from fossil fuels to clean, renewable energy. Renewable energy plus battery storage is essential to reducing indirect carbon emissions and fighting the climate crisis. 

As technology improves and renewable energy becomes cheaper and more readily available, traditional non-renewable energy is growing in cost. This means that 100% clean energy would allow Da Vinci Schools to save money that can be used in the classroom.

741 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!