Make access to mental health support easier for those facing addiction #seethefullpicture

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Between April 2018 and March 2019 over 130,000 adults in England entered treatment for drug and alcohol use. Over 53% had a mental health need. 24% were not receiving treatment for this.*

This petition is about making sure that anyone who faces addiction, can access mental health support when they need it. For many, this is not the case. They are frequently declined mental health support until they address their substance misuse. But, many if not all, are using substances to cope with their mental ill-health.

It is a ‘catch 22’ scenario, which results in people becoming more unwell, and more at risk.

We want to change this, and we will be taking our petition to key decision-makers in England, to ask that everyone has access to mental health support when they need it, despite their circumstance. In signing the petition, you will help us create the momentum we need for change to happen.

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What is #seethefullpicture?

#seethefullpicture aims to raise awareness of the challenges people experiencing a combination of homelessness, addiction, poor mental health and offending face in their lives on a daily basis. From stigma and discrimination to confusing and complicated routes to access treatment, for many the challenges are just too great, and they continue to live unfulfilled lives, or die prematurely. But, it doesn’t have to be this way. If the ‘system’ works in the right way, people can and do recover.

Who is behind #seethefullpicture?

The campaign has been created by 12 projects across England that form the Fulfilling Lives Programme: Supporting People with Complex Needs. It has been fully informed by people who have in the past, or are currently facing complex needs.

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