The St. Louis County, MN commissioners must vote "NO" to refugee placements our county!

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Imagine living in a frozen climate where there are very limited job opportunities, limited public transportation options, and high taxes....

Now imagine that you are new to America and they send you to a frozen climate where there are very limited job opportunities, limited public transportation options, and high taxes....

Accepting refugees into northern Minnesota isn't fair for anyone involved. It's not fair for refugees, and it's not fair to residents.

Life here in northern Minnesota is hard. We don't deny it. We take the good with the bad and have adapted over generations. Our families were used to life in a northern climate and they taught us the same. We survive, but don't really thrive, as many of our area decisions are made by politicians who only visit our area when they walk in Gilbert 4th of July Parade. They don't stop to talk, but flash a toothy grin as they hand us a flyer asking for our vote.

It's frankly sad to think that while some refugees are going to be resettled in other areas of the country with great economic opportunities, lots of cultural and social supports and milder climates (more similar to their own lands) -- our state leadership wants a few of these stressed families to spin the wheel of misfortune and wind up disadvantaged right here in the frosty Northland.  

No doubt, we love northern Minnesota...but people aren't exactly clamoring to come live here. It's only common sense to see that other parts of the nation make far better choices for arriving new immigrants and refugees. Unlike St. Louis County, other areas in the country have far more money and resources to support people starting a new life in America. Other parts of the country offer an array of thriving industries which offer perfect employment opportunities to people with little or no specialized skills. They also offer social and cultural supports lacking here that are helpful to a new arrival to our nation. 

Our area is dominated by Scandinavians who settled northern Minnesota for one simple reason: Because Minnesota felt like home. There was free land to be settled. This opportunity is no more. Instead, now our taxes are nearly as high as people living in metro areas. Our local homeless shelters are full to bursting. The waiting lists for public housing are full. Yes, it's happening right here in St. Louis County.

Why would it be fair to ask an already struggling group of residents to foster refugees, who would unfortunately, be forced to suffer along with us? Why should we be asked to support this measure when it harms every single person involved...except the politicians who shout from their ivory towers down in the Twin Cities? Why should we allow House Leader Representative Winkler to threaten us into compliance, saying that if we are thoughtful to everyone in our decision-making processes, including being frugal with assets in our counties, that he will withhold state funding from our areas? Why should St. Louis County residents and leaders accept being bullied into a bad decision by someone who doesn't even live here?

It's time to take a stand and do what's right.....and tell our MN House Leader: #WinklerMindYourBobber