KCKPD We need Outside investigators for ALL officer involved shootings that end in DEATH.

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KCKPD When there is an "officer involved shooting that ends in DEATH." Please bring in Independent an INDEPENDENT AGENCY (such as KBI, etc) to do the investigation.  We The People of KCK would like to have "outside investigators" allowed on the scene of  officer involved shootings that end in death. 
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Published by DJanice Witt
Ok, so...once again. 

This is long, but yawl asked, so I answer.

Yawl know I ain't scared and that I have mad respect for our safety officers, I thank each and every one of them for showing up everyday and representing. However, it is MOST important that we all have full disclosure when things go awry.
We want the officers safe. 
We want the community safe. 
We want TRUST to be earned and not taken.
We want the ABSOLUTE TRUTH to be scoured out and Justice served fully and fairly to all involved. 

I am not saying anyone is doing unsavory business...I am saying we need to keep it clean and make sure that justice is being served to EVERYONE. I am saying that a fair and impartial investigation is NOT too much to ask for when someone in our community has lost their lives. We all suffer when this happens in our community and if not, Then we all SHOULD.

Having said that...Here is the question from another FBF it came to me after the officer involved shooting here a few weeks ago...

DJanice do u know that the KCK Cops investigate their own selves when they shoot somebody that dies? What the hell is this about? The people need to know about this. This ain't fare and it certainly don't look right. People needs to know this mess is happening. Is this supposed to be this way? If there had been outside people looking at this type of thing maybe that young man and his Momma wouldn't have suffered so. We need people looking and we need to know the rules. We are in the dark! they just do what they do and we just sit down and let them. Will you find out about this please. Is it true? 

First of all, I was all prepared to argue this with this person. Because, I know for a FACT that the WYCO Sheriffs Dept brings in outside investigators if there is a officer involved fatality. I just thought well of course there is an independent investigation, right? 

Anything is acceptable that is NOT prohibited. 

The problem is that our community does not know the right questions to ask and HOW to get the answers. We are taught to be afraid...then those who have the power tell us, "You Trust Us, we don't need any outsiders involved, you don't need to ask any questions". Well, I disagree. 

We do need outsiders involved. We need to ask questions and get fair, truthful answers. We need oversight and accountability. We need checks and balances. WHY NOT? Is there something to hide. As the inboxer mentioned. If Rosie and Lamonte Mcintyre 's suffering and wrongful incarceration serves any purpose then, we as a community need to be Screaming from the Rooftops...OVERSIGHT, ACCOUNTABILITY, JUSTICE FOR ALL! This oversight then cleans the whole situation, police officers as well as the public. Guilty or Innocent, Officer or Civilian, Dead or alive. Let justice be served. I want the Police officers cleared beyond the shadow of an accusation of a Blue Veil cover up. 
That is SIMPLE TO SOLVE...Turn the investigation over to an Independent Agency like the WYCO Sheriffs Dept does. The KCKPD should just let go of the power, the reins and the control by removing themselves from it in these very unfortunate situations...RECUSE themselves like the judges do. 

It is my goal to see this happen for the betterment of this community. We need the doors open...this is NOT RUSSIA. 
Call KBI, this is what they are for, call the Highway patrol or Bonner or Edwardsville...build some good will. Call KCMO??? Right now, there are NO outside investigations in the KCKPD-they manage the officer involved fatalities from inside. 

This is what apparently happens with an officer involved shooting that ends in death in KCK (kinda). 

2. Blue Veil is raised. (This is what people think and how it appears.) 
3. KCKPD Major Case Unit gets involved. “This investigation is being conducted by the Major Case Unit of the Kansas City, Kansas Police Department and will be reviewed by the Officer Involved Critical Incident Team.” (Still all inside the KCKPD)
4.The police officers are investigating their buddies, the same guy that they drink with and hang out at their house. They love each other and each others family. They are hurt and filled with adrenaline. That is NOT FAIR to them and it is NOT ok for the public. 
5. The completed investigation is turned over to Internal affairs who handles the Administration work of the case. 
6. The powers that be THEN hold a press conference and announce that nothing went wrong. Ok, that is how it feels. But we can change that by stating clearly that all officer involved shootings that end in death will be investigated independently and the results reported to the people of this community, OPENLY. 

I checked some sites around the country to find precedents to justify why an investigation of this type would be kept in house. I could find NONE. But I found TONS of reasons why it should NOT be kept in house. I further checked, to find out if this was a common local practice. It is NOT...ALL of the surrounding law enforcement offices use outside agency investigators when a officer involved shooting ends in death. 

Why don't we side step the accusation of a cover up and create a better positive and REAL relationship with the community? Real Transparency. Not just kids standing beside police cars with playing cards that won’t shut down the hunger in their belly or replace a missing father in the home although that is a beautiful effort, but what we need is oversight to add truth to the statement by the KCKPD that our community “Trusts them”...we need more than a PR campaign.

Ok, lets say we do trust them...then they should stand up and add credibility to their good name and value reputation by allowing the necessary oversight to dispel all doubts of a blue coverup in these cases. Are we calling FEAR, TRUST? ALL OF THE SURROUNDING DEPARTMENTS bring in outside eyes for these VERY unfortunate and sad circumstances. Even our own WYCO Sheriffs Dept got that right. Let us progress forward and allow established practices throughout the country in forward thinking communities to give credibility to our community. Just do the right thing. 

When a citizen shoots someone. The questions are asked; 
Who got shot? 
Who did the shooting?
How did it happen?

When an officer shoots a citizen and they die: The questions are never asked and certainly not answered;
Who investigated?
Were the investigations fair?

We need to be proactive, we need to deal with this BEFORE we have a serious situation on the streets of KCK. 

Thanks Inboxer...I am utterly shocked at this. I did not know. So, I am still searching. I do not have all the answers...but I am looking and so should we all. 

Transparency...from the largest line item on OUR/the Budget for this city ia NOT an unreasonable request. We The People, deserve to be heard.

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