Segregate access to Sion Flyover.

Segregate access to Sion Flyover.

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Please provide separate lane barricading (at least 200m to 250m) to get on the Sion Flyover while going southwards to Mumbai.

Although, traffic constables are stationed at the location where vehicles get on the flyover. It is still found that on a daily basis numerous vehicles try to cut in to the line and get on the flyover while the ones who follow the discipline feel like fools.

The unscruplous lane cutting by the offenders also creates situations of accidents and scraping / scratching of vehicles which are following discipline. 

Temporary opening near the entrance to the flyover can be controlled by manual barricades (opened by the stationed constables) for emergency services like Ambulances, Fire trucks or Police vehicles. 

This will also provide a certain amount of relief to the constables in the area who most often have to pull up offenders and fine them, in turn creating further jams from the temporarily parked vehicles in the lane below the flyover. 

Surely, if this kind of barracading is carried out on the Western Express Highway every evening to allow an additional lane on the oncoming traffic, it will be easier to have it at Sion.